Template Requests

Hello everyone!

We are happy to say that we have been receiving more and more requests for the creation of templates, and have been working to create as many as possible as quickly as we can.  With that being said, in order to speed up the process, we need assistance from you!  Many of the requests we are receiving simply attach a template, but do not have any instructions that come with them.  The more detail you provide us with, the faster we will be able to create templates for you.  Providing us detail can come in many forms!  At the very least, please provide us with instructions in the body of the email that the attachment comes with.  Also, if you are using this method, please attach the documents in Word format and not a PDF, so that we can appropriately assess the spacing and the styles within the document.

Additionally, you can also write notes all over a copy of the template, and then scan us a copy.  In this case, a PDF is completely fine.  Here are some very good examples of this below:

(Click each image to expand)

sgaffey1-page-001 celrod1-page-001 DOC-page-001 celrod2-page-001

Please continue to send us these requests with as much detail as possible, and we will continue to work to have them created for you!”

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